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Explain Everything

Create amazing videos and interactive experiences for students.

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A creation and presentation tool with unlimited possibilities for bringing learning to life.

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Upfront Magazine

Digital access to Scholastic's NYT Upfront Magazine. NYT articles adapted for MS/HS readers. Includes articles, videos, political cartoons and infographics. Use student password: Hommocks1

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Use Blogger to create a beautiful, responsive blog, diary, journal, or other digital collection of written work.

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Use StoryBird to create rich interactive stories inspired by a collection of beautiful artwork and animations.

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Newsela is a new website that provides high interest, timely articles. Use your Google accounts to create a teacher account. Students can join with a class code. The reading level of an article can be changed using a drop down menu. Articles are available in Spanish as well.

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A collection of ebooks and audiobooks that can be downloaded onto personal devices.

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Pixton delivers a revolutionary new technology that gives anyone the power to create amazing comics on the web complete with fully posable characters, dynamic panels, props, and speech bubbles. Every aspect of a comic can be controlled in an intuitive click-n-drag motion.

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Book Creator

Use Book Creator to create your own teaching resources or have your students take the reigns. Combine text, images, audio and video to create Interactive stories, Digital portfolios, Research journals, Poetry books, Science reports, Instruction manuals, ‘About me’ books, Comic adventures, and more.

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Google Arts & Culture

Explore and share cultural treasures, including artwork, museums, digital experiments and experiences, and more in extraordinary detail.

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An interactive world map with pins marking the locations of published newspapers, complete with links to the newspaper content in English and translated into additional languages. You can also access historical newspapers using this tool.

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Fusion Tables

Create amazing ways to visualize data stored in Google Sheets, including interactive charts, graphs, and dashboards.

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Create and collaborate on interactive graphs, charts, and infographics.

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Google MyMaps

Create customized interactive maps by dropping pins with text, images, and videos, drawing shapes, measuring distances, and more.

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KnightLab Storyline

Tell the story behind the data from your Google Sheets with this interactive line graph generator.

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KnightLab Timeline

Create amazing, professional looking, interactive timelines from data in a Google Sheet.

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Record and edit audio, including music, podcasts, and more, entirely online with this powerful, collaborative tool.

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Not only can you create and study flashcards, but now they have tools to create and study diagrams. No more staring at illustrations and covering labels with your thumbs. With Quizlet's diagram-specific study activities, you can review and master material in fun and interactive ways.

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Through Westchester Library you can download audiobooks to your phone. You can also set the app on a timer to "read" for 15 or 30 minutes. Great for pacing readers or reading to go to bed!

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Listenwise harnesses the power of listening to advance student literacy. This collection of current events, English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies podcasts (curated from National Public Radio) connects teaching to the real world and builds student listening and reading skills. Listenwise provides English Language Learners the opportunity to experience academic language for college and career readiness. Appropriate for students 6-12th grades.

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This reading resources site offers teachers a free online collection of Common Core aligned reading materials. There are hundreds of fiction and nonfiction reading passages available for students in grades 5-12. Browse through news articles, poems, historical documents, and short stories all selected for young people. Questions are available for each selected text as well as analysis and reports for educational outcomes.

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Remind App

Send quick and simple updates, messages and photos to families to any device.

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The Kid Should See This

Search, view, and integrate more than 3,000 smart & super-cool, “not-made-for-kids, but perfect for them” videos.

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Google Drawings

Create diagrams, graphics, and interactive images, complete with all of the collaboration and sharing tools of Google.

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Pin Up

Create interactive and collaborative cork boards where you can add and manipulate digital sticky notes - perfect for organizing ideas and brainstorming.

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Adobe Spark Post

Combine text and images to create stunning, shareable graphics.

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Adobe Spark Page

Create beautiful interactive documents with smoothly animating text and images.

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Explora is a large database that will provide magazine/newspaper articles, videos, topic overviews and much more on a broad range of topics. Advanced searching allows users to limit results by reading level as well. This is a Hommocks subscription so you'll need to visit the Hommocks Library page linked above.

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US History in Context

Exhaustive collection of reference, newspaper, magazine and primary materials covering all aspects of US history. Syncs to Google Classroom to seamlessly include its resources in assignments.

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World History in Context

Exhaustive collection of reference, newspaper, magazine and primary materials covering all aspects of world history. Syncs to Google Classroom to seamlessly include its resources in assignments.

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Novelist can help students and teachers find great books based on interest, level, genre, read-a-likes etc. This is a Hommocks subscription so you'll need to visit the Hommocks Library page that is linked. Please note not all of these books are in the Hommocks Library.

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National Archives Gif Gallery

A free collection of hundreds of animated gifs, short video clips, from throughout US history - easily embeddable into documents and presentations.

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Enter difficult to read material or a website in its text box and rewordify converts it to simplified text. A feature in settings allows you to include both the original word and its definition in the revised text. It also generates worksheets of the flagged terms.

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Hidden World of National Parks

Google provides amazing video and audio tours of some of the United State's most amazing National Parks, including Bryce Canyon, Carlsbad Caverns, and more.

Check out Hidden World of National Parks now!

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Epic! - Books for Kids

Epic provides an amazing library of e-Books that are free for teachers. Download the app on an iPad or access via the internet, and get thousands of books and videos on a variety of topics. There are books in multiple languages and books with audio support. Students enjoy the easy interface, and the suggestions for other books that they may enjoy.

Check out Epic! - Books for Kids now!

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CNN 10

Ten minute videos outlining news of the day. A new video is posted every week day.

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Easybib is an online citation generator. Works Cited Pages/Bibliographies can be easily created and exported into Google Docs. Sign up for an ad-free version using code: SouthNY517

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Canva is a fully online, powerful and fun graphic design tool - perfect for creating and sharing images, infographics, posters, newsletters, and more.

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ipgrid is the video discussion platform Create a Grid, add Topics to spark the discussion, and your community builds a dialogue as they share short video responses.

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Teaching Books is a database of thousands of multimedia resources that can enhance reading experiences. Includes book talks, interviews/blogs with authors, videos, book activities, books lists by topic/theme etc. Create a free account using your school email address ending in

Check out Teaching Books now!

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BioDigital Human 3D Anatomy

Explore human anatomy in the interactive, immersive digital specimen, complete with huge amounts of information on all of the bodies systems.

Check out BioDigital Human 3D Anatomy now!

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Use to create, collaborate on, and share mind-maps.

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Adobe Spark Video

Create and share quick, easy, polished videos from text, images, icons, and voice.

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The Kid Should See This

Search, view, and integrate more than 3,000 smart & super-cool, “not-made-for-kids, but perfect for them” videos.

Check out The Kid Should See This now!

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Class Dojo

Connect and communicate with students and teachers, while providing realtime assessment and encouragement.

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Quizzes, games, and other realtime assessments, created quickly and easily shared online.

Check out Kahhoot! now!

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